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'Now drive me far... Away... Away... Away... Far away. I don't care where, just far.' It's hard not to be broken in society...

informing people of earth day, image of earth melting like a candle could also inspire/motivate people to "act now" on global warming.

tee design still up for scoring @ threadless for WWF tee design challenge. need your score & comments to get this printed. thanks for the support. :) score '5' here:

I like this painting because I shows how deforestation is affecting animals such as the elephant. I hope to have something similar for my final artwork.

I love this image because it shows cold places as things that are running out of time. The hourglass shows the bottom with horrible pollution and the top as the pure Arctic. The arctic top is slipping down towards the polluted bottom. This metaphor symbolically represents what is truly going on with global warming. This image associates with the polar bear balancing on the small piece of ice, the picket sign, and the melting earth. The world as we know it is rapidly changing!