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学園祭実行委員会 #anime #illustration

"welcome to otaku confessions" confessions currently: OPEN ---- To submit a confession, go to my inbox. If your confession relates to something specific, mention it! (mention the anime/manga) Submit.

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assault rifle boots brown hair building caution tape character request city clouds coat fog from ground gun holster hood hooded jacket hoodie huanxiang heitu jacket keep out multiple girls pouch rifle scope sign sky skyscraper sniper rifle thigh-hig

Closers_Tina [8]

animal print bangs black footwear black legwear black serafuku black shirt black skirt bunny print closed mouth closers collarbone dagger dual wielding eyebrows eyebrows visible through hair flat chest floating hair full body gun hair between eyes hi

closers / closers online / 클로저스 / クローザーズ Tina 티나 Levia 레비아

closers / closers online / 클로저스 / クローザーズ Tina 티나 Levia 레비아