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les produits de l'épicerie - typo/graphic posters

La Rose des Vents poster by Les Produits de l'Épicerie Great feeling produced to carry the brands image in a professional and creative direction.

Layouts / Esquire: Art direction, design, etc. - Rebecca Chew

Esquire: Art direction, design, etc. Design and art direction for a feature story in Esquire Singapore about greening the city state.


This is a really cool logotype because the numbers and appear to be layered in the background. Also the bottom of the number is the top of the number 27

Cool Graphic Design, Poster. #graphicdesign #poster []

A poster series and schedule for the 2014 World Cup in Brasil. The qualities of the jungle were combined with iconic players.

Cool Graphic Design, Terminator. #graphicdesign #poster []

An alternative movie poster for the film Terminator 2 Judgment Day, created by Tom Whalen, featured on AMP.

Brussels HIP HOP by French Toast

I like the positive vibe of this Brussels Hip Hip poster design. The colours are great and evoke a very summery feel. This is what I would call a happy design.

Cool Graphic Design, Autism Society . #graphicdesign #poster []

Autism Awareness - Eye contact maybe hard for them or they feel everyone is looking at them Dylan was here.