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Analyzing and Optimizing Your Digital Practice: Blueocean Shares Digital Sciences Maturity Model at DAA San Francisco

A little over one week and counting until the Digital Analytics Association San Francisco Symposium! As a sponsor, Blueocean Market Intelligence is excited to participate,.

Five things CIOs need to think about as wearables enter the workplace

Authors: Anil Damodaran, Navin Nayanar, Girish Raichur The launch of the Apple Watch signaled the beginning of a mainstream post-mobile world. The market is now.

The Role of Patents in the eCommerce Industry

By Vijaykumar S L & Shweta Kumawat A patent is an intellectual property right granted to an inventor – “to exclude others from making, using, offering.

Wrap 2014 and Outlook for 2015 – Big Data and Digital Analytics space

Organizations are moving fast in recognizing the potential of big data, and from accumulating customer data, companies have now evolved to becoming data centers, where.

Utilizing Cutting-Edge Unstructured Data Analytics to Solve Today’s Business Challenges

As technological advances provide more efficient ways to connect and personalize products and services, the expectations and demands of customers are increasing.


Only two more days left until leading experts and analytics professionals make their way over to the University of San Francisco for the Digital Analytics.

The Next Generation Consumer - Gen Z – and the Impact on Brand Marketing

By Anil Damodaran and Richa Misra Generation Z represents those born after the Millennials or Gen Y between the years of They are also.

Innovation Clusters: A Study of eCommerce Patents

Innovation Clusters: A Study of eCommerce Patents


Blueocean Market Intelligence is proud to be a repeat exhibitor at the Pharma CI events. The simple fact that it is the biggest gathering of.

Blueocean Market Intelligence to Co-Present with Lenovo and Microsoft on Acquiring, Utilizing Customer Insights

We’re excited to announce that Blueocean Market Intelligence is a Diamond Sponsor, Lunch and Learn Sponsor and exhibitor at the 2015 Predictive Analytics World (PAW).

Big data analytics tools used by Banks and Financial Institutions

By Durjoy Patranabish & Soumya Subramanian The Banking and Financial Services and Insurance industry (BFSI) is considered as one of the early adopters of analytics.

Using Advanced Clustering Techniques to Better Predict Purchasing Behaviors in Targeted Marketing Campaigns

Today’s forward-thinking retailers are seeking relevant, agile and intelligent solutions to drive their targeted marketing efforts.

Blueocean Market Intelligence Strengthens its Data Analytics and Visualization Strategy for Retailers

Blueocean Market Intelligence has adopted Tableau to empower retailers with well-grounded triangulated view of data and provide real-time and actionable insights It is a global.

Smart Cities in India – Implementation Challenges

By Pramod Kolhapur & Kiran Nandavarapu In India, the rate of urbanization has really picked up pace over the past few decades, especially in the.

Smart Cities in India – The Growth Drivers

The growing rate of urbanization and the need to improve quality of life in a city environment propelled the Government of India to start focusing.

Data Lakes: The new enabler of scalability in cross channel analytics

Driven by data explosion, access to affordable computing, and business imperatives the accumulation of unstructured data is on the rise.