alice troughton

alice troughton

mostly stares out of windows. sometimes directs television.
alice troughton
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A peep inside Lunada :) Photo by our new friends ! We are just now really starting to get in this groove and growing+sharing that within a special community is the most rewarding!

Why this? The food in the bag the man has has just been stolen from the starving child.

This is very sad. A well nourished Sudanese man steals Maize from a starving child during a food distribution at Medecins Sans Frontieres feeding centre at Ajiep, southern Sudan, in 1998 . some people are sickening!

Kuwait by Sebastião Salgado

Explore Sebastião Salgado Kuwait at Sundaram Tagore Gallery. Learn more about the exhibition and featured artworks.

Andreas Gursky - James Bond Island III

From White Cube, Andreas Gursky, James Bond Island III Inkjet print, 307 × cm

93 Andreas Gursky - SH IV

Official website of the photographer and artist Andreas Gursky

Henryk Ross risked his life to document Nazi atrocities in the Polish city of Lodz.

1944 Food pails and dishes left behind by ghetto residents who had been deported to death camps.

Snow variant by Saul Leiter

Saul Leiter started shooting color and black-and-white street photography in New York in the He had no formal training in photo.

Every disease imaginable was rife in the camp, and - 517 | LeeMiller

Every disease imaginable was rife in the camp, and - 517 | LeeMiller