La mort n'empêche pas l'amour.

~Gothic Art Would be good as a tattoo. I'll have to have a go at drawing this.

GCSE Sketchbook by Noah Walton

Create a series of studies of the same thing - vary the shade, colour, tone, media etc.

by Kate MacDowell. Amazing. A large body of great work if you click through.

Crave by Kate MacDowell, ½ “, hand built porcelain, cone 6 glazes,


Skull and lace pencil drawing. Artist uses built up cross hatching in extreme detail. Day of the dead, Halloween, Dark, Black and white, Macabre.

Dan Beckemeyer's felted anatomy More

Dan Beckemeyer's Felted Anatomy

Amazing illustration of the skeletal system with muscle mass that is hand-felted onto handmade abaca paper and stitched-in cardiovascular system. Piece is called "Systems" by Dan Breckermeyer My inner geek. It swoons.

Tattoo idea but no rose and something different other than the butterfly

biscodeja-vu: “ Fred Hatt ”

biscodeja-vu: Fred Hatt

Convex, a on by Fred Hatt from United States. It portrays: , relevant to: Year Created: 2009

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