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Watercolour and ink illustration "Maeve". (instagram: @alicianilssoncreates)

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"What big eyes you have" Red riding hood inspired ink painting for #inktober2016 - (ig @alicianilssoncreates)

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"Aura" Illustration painting- Inspired by the element wind. 30.5 x 22.9cm (12 x 9in). Watercolour and ink on Watercolour paper (@alicianilssoncreates)

Vampire - Traditional and digital ink painting for inktober and HALLOWEEN. (instagram: @alicianilssoncreates)

Watercolour candy cane christmas girl! By Alicia Nilsson (ig: @alicianilssoncreates)

"Expectations" watercolour and ink painting illustration. (ig, fb: @alicianilssoncreates)

Watercolour painting "Portrait of the good-natured mermaid" - IG/FB: alicianilssoncreates

Greek goddess Artemis inspired painting. Goddess of the hunt, wilderness and the moon (@alicianilssoncreates)

"Eirene". Mixed media illustration Inspired by the artwork i made for mt. pleasant. (ig @alicianilssoncreates)

"To heal" illustration. Watercolour painting on watercolour paper. (ig @alicianilssoncreates)