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Another doubtful mystery! The flight of Air Asia going to Singapore carrying 162 passengers, lost communication. This is the 3rd incident related to an airline of Malaysia. Do aliens need more innocent people to be experimented?

This spaceship is built by NASA which can run at a speed of light an even more than that. This miracle machine will be used to do infinite discoveries like more life-supporting planet.

The skull was found in an excavation along with a human skull. The skull was said to be of a Star child. Star Children are those who come from stars and are very intelligent. A project was started on that skull which was named as Star Child Project. Some of them are Star Children and Black-Eyed Children. The main difference between them is their nature. Star Children are of very sweet nature and Black-Eyed children are of devil nature.

Mangalyaan is the first Mars orbiter sent by ISRO, India. It was successful to reach Mars. One interesting news that the rate of travelling 1 km by the spacecraft was only Rs.7 which is less than that of an autorickshaw. We all are very keen to know about the news from Mars and hope for the best.