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several different colored cups are hanging on the wall next to each other with lights behind them
17 Magníficas ideas para rediseñar tu local o negocio
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a woman standing in a room with red lights on the ceiling and a neon sign above her
an open door leading into a restroom with men and women symbols on it
Sinalização L’Aren’Ice
Neon Painting Art - custom neon sign, modern art painting Techno, Gongs, Desain Grafis, Bar, Kopi
Neon Painting Art - custom neon sign, modern art painting
the colorful trees are all lit up and ready to be used as an art exhibit
Santa Fe And The Quirky Things You Can Do There - #travelcolorfully
a shelf filled with lots of books next to a wall
Airan Kang - "109 Lighting Books"
a neon sign that says sport is art on the side of a wall next to a window
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JUST DO IT. - Nike, Hong Kong
a restaurant with black booths and colorful artwork on the wall
Illuminated “Tetris Wall” I did for our local bar-cade here in San Jose, CA.
an illuminated sign on the side of a wooden building with red and white geometric wallpaper
Settle in for some food truck fare in the comfort of a proper restaurant at Tel Aviv's Truck Deluxe...
Truck Deluxe Tel Aviv #neon
there is a neon sign on the wall in front of some cups and glasses at this bar
Post Bar - Studio Joanna Laajisto
Post Bar - Studio Joanna Laajisto
the inside of a building with neon lights hanging from it's ceiling and benches on either side