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Book Sellers In Faisalabad. Books shops can be set up in Faisalabad and inside the colleges or university campuses in the city. One can locate exactly hundreds and thousands of book shops in Faisalaba...

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Finally the wait is over and we have the brand new item song to be added in our play list. The most awaited song from the forth coming movie of the tiger, Salman Khan, Fevicol se is finally here. We had seen the very sizzling Malaika Arora Khan in Dabangg where she appeared in the song Munni Badnam. Whereas in Dabanagg 2 Malaika Arora Khan is replaced by the new khan lady, Kareena Kapoor Khan with Fevicol se. Of course, she looks just damn hot! Enjoy the full HD song!

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Drug war is ruining black lives, black neighborhoods: Jarvis DeBerry

In a 1996 routine that makes prolific use of a potent racial epithet - and not in a way that can be called endearing - comedian Chris Rock excoriates those who boast that they've never been to jail.

This could be the most surprising news for you all, but it’s damn true. Nokia’s all new flagship Nokia Lumia 920 proved its presence in the range of smartphones. Nokia Lumia 920 was introduced in the past September month with its little sibling phone Lumia 820. Both the phones look quite catchy and can easily grabs away anyone’s attention. And it looks like Lumia series has already attached an all new mark with this news. Read on!

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