This is funny I love full house and I love one direction❤️❤️Jessie was my favorite person in that show

How is he so beautiful?

Going out tonight changes it to something red her mother doesn't like doesn't like that kind of dress Zayn Malik


I can't explain the emotional state I am in other than that I am heartbroken. I love Zayn Malik so much and the fact that I won't see him in group pictures with the other four, the fact that I won't see him singing live, the fact that he was so unhappy th

Que ojoss

HIS EYES THOUGH. Like what the heck? No human has eyes as beautiful as that! Wellllll Niall's eyes are just as blue as the ocean and I could swim in them

Zan - 9.12.14 - Rosebowl (*sighs*)

I miss u a lot Zayn I love u and u r like a brother to me and One Direction will be different without u

I should probably follow more boards than just Zayn ones, but where's the fun in that?

I start searching for smthg else then I see zayn n it goes like more like this more like this.n I end up pinning 10 or 20 zayn pics just happens all the time

zayn malik

Been in Teen Fiction 🌱🌱🌱 Next Door 🎀 Two months ago, I couldn't even imagine bein like this.