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Golap Bagh Ananta : A rose garden for the nabobs guarded by a pair of smiling tigers. Beautifully hand-chased three times over in pure 22K gold, this stunning bala, originally designed as an armlet (hence, Ananta), is not only a revered classic but also an assured show-stopper.


Mayurpur Choor: This elaborate choor was created on the express wish of an elegant, enlightened client with very high taste, to match her Mayurpur necklace. We'd showcased Ms.Madhuja Dey's eponymous tayra,late January,on Facebook and told you then that we would share with you certain jewels that had been customized for her. Well, this is one of those. Everything is hand-chased and, as before, the single-sheet naksha is perforated and given an antique copper finish. Fully handcrafted in 22K…


Mayur Bala : Classics Hand-wrought, hand-chased and hand-finished in pure 22k gold, the Mayur Bala is a statement in simplicity and elegance. Anything more would be hyperbole.

Kara Cuff

Amrita Singh: Zafar Bangle. Brass bangle with .75 uncut diamonds, chanpleve enameling inside & outside.

A Diamond Bracelet, Hyderabad, Deccan, 18th Century. A gold bracelet set in the kundan style with flat cut diamonds. One side has quatrefoil flowers interspersed with single leaves set in a blue enamel (nil zamin) ground. The reverse has single diamond leaves set in a green enamel (sabz zamin )ground. On the exterior rim of the bracelet are Basra pearls on the interior a fine band of waterlillies set in white enamel roundels in turn set in dark blue enamel ground.

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India, Rajasthan, Jaipur | Bracelets with Confronting Makara Heads (Karas), 19th century. Gold, diamonds, and crystalline inset in the kundan technique, with polychrome enamel (minakari)

#kundan, #meenakari, #indianjewelry, #mughaljewelry, #shaadi, #meena #india, #diamond, #shaadijewelry , #polki #goldjewelry, #gold