James... from the vamps☺

Read "please don't leave me ever. (the vamps/ James Mcvey fanfic) - I don't want my heart broken" it is amazing i think

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James McVey // The Vamps, he's too young for me to have a crush on him though

James McVey - The Vamps in the Rediscover the World Tee

James McVey - The Vamps I love how James sings. I always love watching his covers

James McVey

I love him soooo much.I could probably write a 200 page essay on how much i love Niall James Horan in three minutes. The same goes for Liam,Louis,Zayn, and Harry. I love them so much as well.

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Fuck my life. The Vamps + One Direction + 5SOS = the end of me [Plus more than a few reasons to be a fangirl]

The Vamps + One Direction + = the end of me [Plus more than a few reasons to be a fangirl] connor of the vamps

Bradley Will Simpson

the vamps lead singer brad, will someday be my husband. JK (not) he will be my husband!

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James Daniel McVey is a member of The Vamps along with Bradley Simpson, Connor Ball and Tristan.

-The Vamps

The Vamps ♥Bradley Simpson ♥Tristan Evans ♥James Mcvey ♥Connor Ball


February The vamps live in Manila! but i'm not able to attend that concert 😒