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The Modern Day Legacy of Lord Rama

By Sesa Dasa Here are three questions for you to ponder, dear reader: First, which came first, the chicken or the egg? Second, what do a highway billboard, a small town storefront, and the Greek philosopher Aristotle have in common? And third, what do either of these questions have to do with Lord Rama? The ancient Sanskrit epic Ramayana describes the life of Ramachandra, the incarnation of God whose advent in this world is celebrated each spring by Hindus and followers of Vedic culture…

Lord Rama : Seventh Incarnation of Lord Vishnu, Rama is also the hero of the Hindu epic Ramayana, which narrates his supremacy Ram Navami Images, Shree Ram Images, Lord Ram Image, Shri Ram Photo, Shri Ram Wallpaper, Hd Wallpaper, Galaxy Wallpaper, Lord Sri Rama, Rama Image

Rama created Thar Desert in Rajasthan - History

Lord Rama created Thar Desert by diverting his missile (arrow) towards north of Indian Ocean, as described in 22nd Sarga of Yuddha Kanda in Valmiki Ramayana

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「True Yoga, to meet the true self.」ヨーガスクール・カイラス Yoga School Kailas

修行者の人生の意味は、総じて言えば、エゴイズムを捨てて、永遠なるものの中で生きることである。 (サーダナーの指針の花輪)

Ram broke the arrow of Lord Shiva and win the hand of Sita Krishna Art, Hare Krishna, Krishna Images, Hindus, Lord Rama Images, Rama Sita, Sita Ram, Lord Vishnu Wallpapers, Shiva Shakti

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Hinduism will bring you importance of all Hindu festivals. Simply it is all about Hinduism. Radha Krishna Images, Krishna Radha, Lord Krishna, Durga Images, Lakshmi Images, Radha Rani, Arte Krishna, Shree Ram Images, Shri Ram Wallpaper

Sri Rama Navami 2015

Hinduism will bring you importance of all Hindu festivals. Simply it is all about Hinduism.

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anthimOpAya nishtai - 16 - bhAgavathas glories irrespective of birth

srI: srImathE rAmAnujAya nama: srImadh varavaramunayE nama: srI vAnAchala mahAmunayE nama: In the previous article (, we observed the glories of the prasAdham and srIpAdha thIrtham of AchAryas and bhAgavathas. We will continue with the next section which discusses the glories of srIvaishNavas irrespective of their birth. piLLai lOkAchAryar, azhagiya maNavALa perumAL nAyanAr, maNavALa mAmunigaL azhagiya maNavALa perumAL nAyanAr…

The Lord Shri Ram is one of the most powerful Hindu God. He is the seventh avatar of Hindu god vishnu. Sri Ram Image, Lord Sri Rama, Shri Ram Wallpaper, Lord Rama Images, Ram Photos, Lord Vishnu Wallpapers, Durga Goddess, God Pictures, Indian Gods

A Complete Guide to Ram Mantra [+Free Printable Puja Guide]

A Complete Guide to Ram Mantra [Free Printable Puja Guide]

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Origin of word Hindu

When the west were living in forest, eating off the meat of animals and doing hoo-haa-hoo, Land of India nourished a great civilization with bountiful palaces, rich luxuries, silk clothes and seers writing wonderful theories in Sanskrit. Racist westerners like German ‘Max Mueller’, working for Vatican City, was not able digest this true fact. They bribed some loose character Indians like romila thapar, D.N Jha and created false theories to subvert Indian history and prove that bible is…

Rama homam will give several benefits to a person for living a better life. This homam plays a key role in liberating a person from life cycle (birth and death) to attain salvation. Hanuman Pics, Ram Hanuman, Hinduism In India, Shri Ram Photo, Lord Sri Rama, Lord Rama Images, Ram Photos, Lord Murugan, Spiritual Images

Rama Homam, Lord Rama Homam Significance & Benefits -

#ShabariJayanthi is the birth anniversary of #MataShabari. She is an ardent devotee of #LordRama. She attained Mukti by worshipping Lord Rama throughout her life. According to Ramayana,She was a hunter's daughter and an intellectual saint. When she met Maharishi Matanga she has attained upadesham & worshipped Lord Rama for many years. While going towards Lanka in search of Sita Devi, Lord Rama & Lakshmana gave darshan to Mata Shabari. She only led Ram & Lakshman to visit Sugriva & Hanuman.

Shri Radhe Maa, also called Mamtamai Shri Radhe Guru Maa and Guru Maa by her devotees, is a Hindu spiritual teacher and guru from India. Bal Krishna, Krishna Art, Krishna Painting, Radhe Krishna, Sri Ram Image, Krishna Bhajan, Lord Rama Images, Bridal Chuda, Saraswati Goddess

Sages from the Hindu Scriptures: Valmiki

Etymology Valmika means an ant-hill Ramasya ayana means Rama's journey. Valmiki is known as our first known poet, thus also kn...