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Healing SWPs

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Clear misunderstandings btwn loved ones

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Magic symbol and codes to attract abundance

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EC as a template to use with anything you wish for. ADD your Switchwords , Defusing Words and more numbers , Bach Flowers, Homeopathic Remedies etc.....Whatever you wish to work on. You may use it as it is with just your name and DOB or photograph placed on it. Welcome 2016 .......HALFWAY-EASE-BE.

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Switchwords For Money-Wealth-Success(Very Intense)

Allow abundance n prosperity into ur life

LAVENDER-HO-FIFTY FIVE (55). Let go of anxiety and relax into sleep, reduce tension, (create) ultimate oneness.

Reduce nervousness, dispel untogetherness, act on good impulse, harmonize well with releasing grief and allowing for freedom of expression

Middle age looks bothering you?. No worries. Look youthful just like a teenager next door. Rejuvenate yourself. Up yourself. Chant it, write it, feel it. High Five!

Do you wish to eradicate misunderstanding between loved once and erase all past distasteful act......visualize and repeat seeing the image..... Miracle coming your way NOW