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So many fruits and vegetables come into season during June, like these delicious courgettes © National Trust Images / John Millar

Nigel Slater’s Christmas vegetarian loaf

Top slice: parsnip loaf, rosemary and mushrooms.

Sweetcorn & courgette fritters

An easy, vegetarian fritter you can have on the table in 25 minutes. Top with an egg with a runny yolk and a drizzle of our chilli dressing

Hot 'n' spicy roasted red pepper & tomato soup

Whizz up this warming and vibrant soup in 10 minutes for a filling veggie supper, rich in vitamin C More

Italian veggie cottage pie

Italian Veggie Cottage Pie- An Italian twist on an English classic, with sundried tomato, spinach and aubergine, this veggie pie makes a super budget supper

Mary’s Bakewell tart

Mary Berry's bakewell tart from The Great British Bake Off is as classic and classy as they get.

27 Insanely Delicious Recipes You Won't Believe Are Vegan

Roasted Red Pepper Pasta | 27 Insanely Delicious Recipes You Won't Believe Are Vegan

Welsh cakes

You don't have to be Welsh to enjoy Welsh Cakes! Learn how to make these traditional afternoon tea time treats.