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hellolearnenglishwithantriparto: “ 16 boring words and what to use instead #learnenglish ”

81 Collective Nouns of Things

Collective Noun is a name used for a group of people, animals or objects that we group and we refer to as a whole unit that represents its parts. Examples: a bunch of bananas, a litter of puppies, a flock of sheep, and others. All these examples are seen as one unit, like a swarm of sheep, we don’t count the number of sheep, but we see as a whole that is a flock of sheep. Collective Nouns if considered as a whole unit, then the verb used is singular. If it is seen separately from each…

English Collocations with HAVE - English Study Here

English Collocations with HAVE have a conversation have a talk have an argument have a dispute have a fight have a quarrel have a lecture have a walk have a jog have a run have a swim have a stretch have a game have a dance have a drill have a lesson have a think have a meal have a shower have a bath have a wash have a scrub have a rest have a break have a nap have a snooze have a lie down have a dream have a holiday have a day off have a party have

Collocations with TELL List in English - English Study Here

Collocations with TELL List in English tell a lie tell a story tell a secret tell a joke tell the truth tell the difference tell the time tell somebody the way tell somebody one’s name tell your name tell the future tell one from another

180 Antonym Words List - English Study Here

180 Antonym Words List in english; 1. idle – busy 2. illegal – lawful 3. imaginary – real 4. import – export 5. imprison – free 6. include – exclude 7. lead – follow 8. left – right 9. careful – careless 10. catch – throw 11. beginning – end 12. beg – offer 13. stay – go 14. stop – go 15. straight – crooked 16. in – out 17. inside – outside 18. joy – grief 19. kind – mean 20. king – queen 21. knowledge – ignorance 22. known – unknown 23. large – small 24. last


Using A little - Little - A few - Few and Example Sentences - English Grammar Here

Using A little – Little – A few – Few and Example Sentences Table of Contents Using A little in EnglishUsing Little in EnglishUsing A few in EnglishUsing Few in English Using A little in English A little is used with positive quantity and non-countable nouns. It means “a small amount” or “some”. Examples; There is a little milk in the refrigerator Would you like a little water? Mary got a little bit of pie. Can’t you discount it a little? I need a little sugar. I will have tea. Using…

English Words and Opposites List - English Grammar Here

Englisjh Words and Opposites List alive – dead all – none allow – forbid already – not yet always – never ancient – modern angel – devil animal – human annoy – satisfy answer – ask answer – question apart – together artificial – natural ascent – descent ask – answer asleep – awake attack – defend attack – defence attic – cellar autumn – spring awake – asleep awful – nice back – in front of backward – forward (Detailed Antonym Words List) bad – good bottom – top boy – girl brave – cowardly…

50 Ways to Avoid Using the Word VERY - English Study Here

50 Ways to Avoid Using the Word VERY in English Instead of Say very lazy indolent very fat obese very afraid terrified very accurate exact very often frequently very smelly pungent very smooth sleek very willing eager very long-term enduring very nervous apprehensive very strong unyielding very tasty delicious very tired exhausted very valuable precious very neat immaculate very risky perilous very afraid fearful very creative innovative very evil wicked…

18 Basic Grammar Rules : English Sentence Structure

Weather Vocabulary List - English Grammar Here

English Weather Vocabulary List breezy chilly clear cloudy cold front flurries fog forecast forecast gust hail hazy heat high-pressure humid humidity hurricane lightning muggy overcast pollution pour precipitation rain rain shower smog Snow storm sunny temperature thunder thunder tornado warm front windy

Commonly Confused Words: Top Most Commonly Misused Words In English - 7 E S L

List of Commonly Confused Words

Preposition: Definition, Rules And Examples Of Prepositions In Grammar - 7 E S L

Prepositions! What is a preposition? learn preposition definition and useful preposition examples in English. When you are studying English grammar, you have

English Collocations with BREAK - English Study Here

English Collocations with BREAK break the ice break one’s fall break a leg break even break loose break from tradition break the rules break the silence break the spell break free break up break the ice break a bone break a code break a habit break a law break down break the news to someone break a promise break a record break a window break ground break new ground break someone’s heart