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Enable CommentLuv plugin for your blog

Enable CommentLuv plugin for your blog

Having a suitable title and metatags helps to improve your search engine rankings.   Learn how does it affect your serp, what steps you can take to improve it.   You are welcome to share your views and thinking on the blog :)

Learning SEO : Working with Titles and meta tags

hiding information in pics.

Hide Information in Pics : Encryption

a memory of a sweet.

Missing the person you truly love is painful. Be it your life partner, a family member or your best friend - open up your heart and express your feelings. The distance does not matter, you may be miles away, but memories of the times together can.

connecting the dots steve jobs stanford commencement speech most inspiring.

Steve Jobs' 2005 Stanford Commencement Address - The sadness I feel over the loss of Steve Jobs is beyond words. I am not an "Apple guy" but he was such a visionary, there is no one else like him. Good bye Steve and thank you.

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<b>The Terminator:</b> Mention killer robots, and most people picture Arnold Schwarzenegger as…