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wish i could say that out loud! :p

I doubt some people could afford one anyway! It is seriously painful how ignorant some people are. So entertaining though, and we love to laugh our asses off!

Want to know what you're really texting? Find emoji definitions here! | Being Spiffy

form of expressions are you grateful for? "I don't quit understand the question" Want to know what you're really texting? Find emoji definitions here!

"Lil Wayne is a good rapper. Why would I support British hip hop? I'm a black guy from Africa I can relate. A guy that supports his own people? What the hell is that all about? Loser... tiesto and deadmau5 is good music yo. Fatboy slim? Who is that?

This board was created for funny / spiritual / quotes/ sayings or how it made me feel the day I read it. It is not a direct reflection on any specific person, thing, incident. However, if the shoe fits.


I broke my rules for you. Told myself I didn't want to date anyone and then you stumbled into my life and I broke my rules for you, and all you did was break my heart in return.never again JR-TX

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I don't feel comfortable talking about my thoughts and feelings.but I want you to know that it will always be you.even if you feel that you had broken me.I still love and want that so hard to understand?

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I love how quirky and weird we are together! Neither of us has to worry about embarrassing ourselves in front of the other because we are both equally super odd. I love you babe.