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a wooden desk topped with lots of bottles next to a lamp and pictures on the wall
This is a military ammo box I converted into a wall bar/display bar. I attached a cleat on the back to attach it firmly to the wall. I added the Ole #7 sign and the chain to hold the lid/shelf level. Check out our Facebook page at Lynthia Designs & Country Chic Weddings.
an old wooden box with scissors and other items in it sitting on the floor next to a wall
50 Most Popular Modern Display and Wall Shelves for 2021
an old wooden box is stacked on top of a book shelf with magazines in it
Free DIY Furniture Plans to Build an Ammo Box Inspired Magazine Holder - The Design Confidential
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an old wooden table with liquor bottles on it and a clock mounted to the wall
This is a vintage work/storage box I found at a salvage store. My idea was to use it as a bar shelf or a display shelf. Just added some hardware and I put a cleat on the back so it looks like it's floating off the wall. It's for sale in our shop, Lynthia Designs.
two wooden boxes are hanging on the wall
two wooden boxes are hanging on the wall
projects with wood ammo boxes - Bing