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Funny pictures about Sam and his shoes. Oh, and cool pics about Sam and his shoes. Also, Sam and his shoes.

Funny Pictures Of The Day – 85 Pics

The most popular pictures in one place. On More than reality we are giving you a little bit more of reality. You don't look fat in that dress

I don't think this word search author enjoyed this assignment. - more at

Got my girlfriend a crazy cat lady coloring book as a joke. The word search has…


Funny pictures about Congratulations Gregory. Oh, and cool pics about Congratulations Gregory. Also, Congratulations Gregory photos.


Funny Somewhat Topical Ecard: Adding 'and shit' at the end of a sentence, can make anything sound thug. Example: ' I was playing with my bubbles and shit.

If and when you hate your job remember there's always something worse. then again every job has its benefits.

I feel this every math class for at least one problem. Written by Dade. Basically the story of my life in Math class.

Hahaha. this is so true though...

5 Types Of Injuries: How Bad It Looks VS Actual Pain Level… so TRUE! Period cramps and that motherfucking toe stub

This baby on a plane would start screaming if a stranger pulled their finger out of his hand!