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a wooden table with a chess board on top
Theodore Alexander - Official Website
After Dinner at the Manse A wild rosewood and satinwood banded tray top table, the oval tray top with a zigzag veneered gallery and brass handles, with a sycamore, rosewood and satinwood chess and backgammon board below and a further leather inlaid backgammon well below, on spiral turned legs joined by an 'X' stretcher, with fine brass feet. By Theodore Alexander
a small wooden table with one drawer open
Parson's Style Backgammon Table
a wooden table with two cups on it and a checkerboard board in the middle
Bespoke Furniture
Backgammon Table
a white marble table with gold trimmings on the top and two trays holding scissors
Six of the best designers working in Lebanon today
Saccal Design House
a marble and metal table with geometric designs
Custom Midcentury Brass and Marble Backgammon Table
a small wooden table with tile top
Wood and Marble Backgammon Table
Wood and Marble Backgammon Table-The other backgammon table is gone. This is cool also!