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[ Fc: Paul Wesley | needs parents or parent and also a girlfriend ] "Hello, I'm Jackson. I'm eighteen and single, but possibly looking for a girlfriend. I love to write in a journal and I'm very passionate about photography. Introduce?"

So you Believers are proud of someone who went to jail. You dumb Beliebers shouldn't be proud of someone who went to jail. You Beliebers are so dumb that you Beliebers would be proud of Justin committed a worse crime such as murder. Justin Bieber Quotes, Justin Bieber Facts, All About Justin Bieber, Love Of My Life, In This World, My Love, Bae, Im Broken, My Guy

I'm very proud. It's sick that people push me and my belieber friends around because our idol made a mistake. So what he's only HUMAN!

I don't support Justin Bieber, but I do feel sorry for him because he thinks his fans are gone. Justin Bieber Quotes, Justin Bieber Facts, I Love Justin Bieber, Love You So Much, I Love Him, Love Of My Life, My Love, Estilo Selena Gomez, Bae

This breaks my heart....i don't care if this could be fake. You can tell how broken he is. His eyes are so sad. That hurts me the most. He was saving me when he was broken