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Battle Against Big Soda Ban Prompted Unlikely Alliances

The decision by a New York State judge striking down the Bloomberg administration’s ban on large, sugary drinks this week was not just a high-profile victory for the soda companies in their pitched battle against anti-obesity policies that are aimed at their products.


Bank of England mulls negative interest rates

The Bank of England is considering the “extraordinary” idea of negative interest rates as one of a number of radical policies to help return the UK to growth.


Archers controversy: how online message boards are giving silver surfers a bad name

In the 63 years it has been on the airwaves, The Archers has had its fair share of controversies. In September 1955, Grace Archer was crushed to death by a falling stable beam, in a storyline so shocking at the time that it made international headlines.


Real wages fall back to 2003 levels in UK

ONS figures show rising inflation combined with pay freezes means wages have been falling for three years


Michael Gove: free school applicants 'subjected to death threats'

Teachers and parents who support the Coalition’s flagship free schools are being subjected to personal attacks and even death threats, according to Michael Gove.