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The world's best private islands for sale

Always dreamt of owning your own tropical island? Buy this sunshine-drenched getaway in the Bahamas, and you'll also gain five properties, a helipad, tennis courts and your very own seaplane.

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The stunt, a fundraiser for Comic Relief, saw Tony Hadley and Kim Wilde performing songs on a Boeing 767 at 43,000ft. The 128 passengers on board then took part in a Harlem Shake - the latest YouTube craze, based on a song by American musician Baauer.

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PHOTOS: Earth's Strangest Towns

Deep in the California desert exists a strange, lawless town, where folks live without running water, yet create outdoor art installations and host concerts.

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A Boutique Retreat in Beijing’s 798 Art District

Rooms start at 850 renminbi (about $140, at 6 renminbi to the dollar), plus service charge.

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Luxor balloon flights suspended

It is the second time that balloon tours from the Egyptian city have been suspended – in 2009 they were put on hold for six months following a series of incidents. f

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PHOTOS: America's Happiest Seaside Towns

For the second year in a row, Coastal Living magazine has published its finalists for the 10 happiest seaside towns.

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Why you should visit Auschwitz

Holocaust Memorial Day is a reminder that our values have consequences; Auschwitz: the Nazi concentration camp where more than a million Jews were murdered; Simon Norfolk

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On the day my sister-in-law and I made our pilgrimage from London to Highclere Castle , where “Downton Abbey” is filmed, my husband took the kids to the Harry Potter studios.

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Which are the best US airports for connections?

It’s every traveller’s worst nightmare: having to make a connecting flight, missing said connection and having to scramble to re-work travel plans.

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Would you stay in a hotel called 'The Thief'? In the eighteenth century, the tiny island of Tjuvholmen was where Norway’s most dangerous criminals were exiled and executed.

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