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Easter hat I made for my son, super easy. Everything is from the dollar store. Buy a bunny ear headband and push it through the straw hat. Keep the headband underneath, for extra support. Hot glue grass, carrots, and eggs onto bill of hat. Then hot glue pipe cleaners, wiggle eyes, pompom ball, and gum for face and teeth. Super easy!

Flower craft for kids

simple tissue paper flowers. Would look great on their Easter "bonnets" or Mother's day gifts.

Win a Montezumas Easter hamper in our Easter bonnet pictures competition. Easter Bonnet by Cambam2010

Quick and easy Easter bunny mask

BUNNY GARDEN Handmade Easter Bonnet / Easter parade Hat

Vertebra of Turkana boy and modern human (right), white cast of a replica brain, and Homo erectus skull, KNM WT Nariokotome boy, Kenya. Description from I searched for this on