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Why October Is The Ultimate Month to Celebrate Body, Mind & Halloween! Art, inspiration, seasonal celebration tips, creative ideas and ways to navigate your own detours in life at

What do you do with a negative thought? How to make a friend from fear.

Anther way creativity solve problems: Fear and secrets aren’t good for any of us. When we keep emotions inside of us, whether it’s from shame, fear, or guilt, they become locked in our bodies. They isolate us from the outside world and ourselves.

How does "inclusion" create compassion? Why is telling your story so important? Learn how to create compassionate community and kind world to live in.

How to Find Your "Windows" on a Resilient Journey. We can get through anything if we can only find the light...(Mixed media art: "Laugh at Fear")

Inspiration for the new year! These five essential practices will transform your 2016: creativity, art, mindfulness, crafts, activities and exercises with very little required but presence.

Build your confidence, self-love and joy with 14 lessons in capability. What are you capable of? You may be surprised! #art #inspiration #strength#creativity

Create art based on inspirational quotes to help you discover joy in any situation. Step by step craft idea plus the 5 TED talks to change your life - #motivation #inspiration #empower #creativity #leadership

How to make friend a fear - calm negative thoughts with creative practices, calming tips, active exercises and DIY projects. #positive #mindset #art #create #explore #inspiration