Self Portraits using loose parts

Making self portraits from loose parts. Translated from Dutch: "this was an introduction game, we made self portraits from loose parts and then we tried to guess who was who".

Robot workshop: loose parts

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The science of music vibrations through balloons

(Music Unit: The Science of Sound) the science of music vibrations through balloons. discussion point: the power of sound vibration and how it effects us.

Learning about structures with the Three Little Pig Houses

Three Little Pigs Activity

Fun Three Little Pigs Activity ideas. Build houses from different materials and test them to see how waterproof they are and how stable.

Magnetic sorting investigation.

(Pin N) Magnetic sorting investigation- children can explore ideas engaging with and co-constructing meaning through play- based learning. Children resource their own learning through connecting with material and exploring ideas and theories through play.

Shadow sculptures: art and science

Super creative craft project for kids. Make aluminum foil sculptures and draw their shadows in the background. Tie to writing project. Videos of babies seeing shadows for first time

Are Seeds the Same Science Investigation

Are Seeds the Same? Science Investigation

Experiment Lab Are Seeds the Same Science Investigation This is an idea I saw in a preschool classroom. The kids LOVED looking at seeds through the magnifying glass and thinking about the plants that would grow from them.

Find out which is the most waterproof roof.

What makes a good waterproof roof?

Great science project on the human body - Cleadon Village CE Primary School

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