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South Side Serpents

Freelance stylist and film photographer inspired by mean girls, petra collins, pop culture and throwback movies aesthetic.

Landon rubs her eyes under her sunglasses. She had just gotten this job and already she was annoyed. Her boss hates her and she hadn't made a single friend. Maybe it was her standoffish behavior. She lowers the glasses back onto her face and carries an order out to a table. The bell over the door jingles and her head twists to greater the person. "Hey, welcome to Peter's. If you could seat yourself I'll be right over to help ya." A bit of a twang settles in her voice. She'd been trying to…

'He looks up at me through his eyelashes, skin speckled with dirt, and I look away; out into the parking lot, where the morning sun beats down on the hood of his ugly old car and sets the glitter on the little Mary statue on the dashboard sparkling.

Imagem de acrylic paint, ukulele, and aesthetic

art and dance cardboard and plaster sculpture of ukulele, pre cut instruments out of cardboard. paint on dry plaster a masterpiece inspired imageImagem de acrylic paint, ukulele, and aesthetic