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WH40kart - Image 41490: dark_heresy imperial_guard imperium logo somers

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Inquisitor Titus the 2nd by winterfluss on DeviantArt

This is an old work of mine. I tried to give more depth and shadows and a better color finish to it. I hope you like it. Inquisitor Titus the 2nd

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Месть краснокожих Warhammer Magnus The Red, Thousand Sons, Screamer Warhammer Fantasy, Warhammer 40k Art, Magnus The Red, Angel Demon, Chaos Legion, Chaos Daemons, Thousand Sons, Red Art, Space Marine

Месть краснокожих

Месть краснокожих Warhammer 40k, Magnus The Red, Thousand Sons, Screamer

If you'd know that it would succeed; Would you fight in a unification war if it would become like the imperium? Warhammer 40k Art, Warhammer Fantasy, Imperial Fist, Medieval, Fan Art, Angel Of Death, Shadowrun, Space Marine, Fantasy Characters

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(An Ogryn squad being briefed by a Commissar) In the late Millennium, an Abhuman is a descendant of baseline human settler. Ogryns and the other known Abhumans 40k Imperial Guard, Imperial Army, Warhammer 40k Art, Warhammer Fantasy, 40k Armies, The Horus Heresy, Nova Era, Space Wolves, Game Workshop

When the Ogryns were rediscovered on their homeworlds during the Great Crusade, the Imperial Army saw their military potential and began recruiting the Ogryns as close combat soldiers. The recruitment process was relatively easy by Imperial standards as Ogryns hardly needed any training; most Ogryns are quite capable of bringing down almost any enemy and their natural combat skills make them good assault troops.

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