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Saucy sausage pasta

Saucy sausage pasta - a simple dish which is perfect for students and... hangovers! Definitely comfort food + it is nice and simple to make! Ideal for Heck Chicken Italia sausages (which have basil, tomato and mozzarella in them!) or classic Pork

Chicken jalfrezi

Chicken jalfrezi is up there as a curry house favourite and this version by Simon Rimmer shows it’s as easy as anything to make at home.

For most of my life, my dad only knew how to make two things: Chai and fried rice (Indian style). Now he makes many delicious recipes but his fried rice is still a favorite. I always think of him when I make fried rice because when my mom was gone he would make fried rice …


kedgeree | Jamie Oliver | Food | Recipes (UK) its interesting how this dish was adapted to an english palate in India,and now a popular tasty breakfast item..