14 bom dia boa tarde e boa noite

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a sunset with the words,'bom dia'in spanish
a card with flowers and words in spanish
the spanish language poem is written in red and white with daisies on pink background
a red and white greeting card with a butterfly on the front saying, domineo que vece possona som
a bird sitting on top of a tree branch next to the ocean with butterflies flying around it
a yellow bicycle with sunflowers in the background and a quote about being loved by someone
the words in spanish are written on pink flowers and green leaves, with butterflies flying above them
a card with flowers and butterflies on the front, says bon - diaa do dia e gratidado
Bom dia!! 🌹que seu dia seja abençoado 🙏
a coffee cup and saucer sitting on top of a table next to a rose
three colorful banners with flowers and the names of different countries in spanish, english and french
a teddy bear holding flowers in front of a door with the caption don't do
a birthday card with a ladybug sitting in a cup and butterflies flying around
bom dia 🌤️
a pink greeting card with flowers and a cup of coffee next to the words bonn dua
a card with pink flowers on it and the words segunda feste written in spanish