15 Bom dia Boa tarde e Boa noite

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a poster with the words feliz semana and flowers in front of a house
a pink card with roses and a message on it that says, segunda - fe
a panda bear in a pocket with flowers on it's head and the words bon dua segurda feria written below
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quarta feira
a pink and yellow poster with flowers on it's side, which says quata - fera do seu dia
Halloween Cat
a heart with roses and butterflies on it, in the shape of a heart that reads feliz sesta - feria
a woman riding a bike next to a tree with flowers on it and the words in spanish
@andreiaalvestorres58 Lindas, Deus, Animais
bom dia 🍂
a cup of coffee sitting on top of a saucer in the middle of a field
a card with flowers and hearts on it, says sesta - feria de mayo
a card with flowers and a cup of coffee on the bottom, in spanish language
a cup of coffee sitting on top of a white plate next to the ocean with hearts
a cup of coffee with pink flowers and butterflies around it, in spanish language on a white background