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a man standing on top of a pond next to a wooden platform with an animal in it
Floating Ecosystems - Biomatrix
Biomatrix Floating Islands improve water quality and increase biodiversity. The high-strength islands can be customized to hundreds of shapes and sizes.
two wooden boards floating on top of a body of water
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there are many rocks on the side of the water that is lined up along the edge
Life Rafts and Leviathan™
an old tire is in the water near some plants and grass that are growing out of it
three floating garden structures in the water with grass growing out of them, on land
a floating platform in the water surrounded by grass
Floating Islands modular custom made - Wetland Plants
an orange and black netted dog bed with green trimmings on the sides
Floating Ecosystems - Biomatrix
Floating Ecosystems - Biomatrix
a man standing on top of a boat filled with plants
Floating Ecosystems - Biomatrix
Floating Islands - Biomatrix Water
flowers are arranged in the shape of circles on the water's edge, along with other plants
an image of a garden with flowers and plants growing out of the top of it
an island made out of logs in the middle of a lake with birds on it
Gallery - Biomatrix
there are many paddle boats in the water with trees growing out of them and bridge in the background
A Floating Forest In The Baltic Sea
a floating garden on the water with chairs and flowers growing out of it's sides
Art and Inspiration
a diagram showing the different types of plants and how they are used to grow them
These Islands Are Sucking Up Pollution From The Water They're Floating In
yellow flower pots are lined up in the water
Top Tourist Destinations & Things to Do in the World: TripHobo
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