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This picture is been painted in a very different way to normal paintings, the artist, Márton Janscó, uses circles to create a face. The smaller and closer the circles are makes the area darker. This is an great example of using just shapes to draw a picture.

The weeping woman is one of Picasso's most famous pieces of art. He uses shape and colour to create sad emotions. The painting is very abstract because of the weird and wonderful shapes he uses. Colour really shows the deep emotions of the woman. By using the cold blues and clam greens and yellows, he makes the painting sad.

Sir Edward Coley Burne-Jones' drawing of a sleeping woman's head uses tone to create a shadow effect on the head. The pencil markings make the colours in the picture contrast by shading the hair.

This picture by Chuck Clore is a self-portrait he did using a pixelated effect on his face. This is a different way of using pattern and texture on a painting.

This is a self-portrait by Andy Warhol. He has used a great use of light and dark colours to make a contrast of the face to the background. The black makes the purple look more like a lightning effect on the page.

This picture by Françoise Nielly is captured an amazing arrange of colours, shades and shapes. The colours are especially good because they really express the mood and emotions,

Salvador Dali has painted an optical illusion of a face(face of Mae), which looks like a doorway. This has been done by using shapes and colours. The most important part of this picture is the shapes used because if the shapes were different the illusion would not work.

This is one of the most craziest self-portraits ever by Francis Bacon. The weird shapes he puts together to make a face is a mental composition. This craziness may reflect on himself or he may just have made one of the weirdest paintings.

Matthew Monahan's painting has good use of line to create this picture of a head. He has used spirals, normal lines and also variety of shapes.

Stephen Bennett's painting of Tanzania has used a variety of different colours and shades. The bright and cheery colours go with the smiling face . It is a happy painting and makes and good atmosphere around it.