Someone's put their heart in depicting the Lord in such vibrant hues.. Beautiful

The peace of God is with those whose & are in harmony, who are free from desire and wrath, who know their own soul - Krishna, Bhagavad Gita

Baby Krishna

Krishna, depicted here as the impossibly beautiful, poisoned child.

Yashoda tied Krishna upon hearing complaints from other gopikas.

Krishna Dharma on

Krishna petting calves

"Visvanatha Cakravarti gives this description of the cows of Vrindavana. Krishna knew every cow by name. If any cow was missing Krishna would immediately chase after the missing cow and call her by name.

Ch.12: Aghasura desired to kill Krishna because Krishna had killed his sister…

Lord Krishna Killed Aghasura and rekindled life in his dead friends

Lord Krishna

Lord Krishna’s beauty is described in numerous prayers, poems, and portions of the Vedic literature. So we could provide many verses that de.