Possibly the best 3D game ever

What are your favourite or memorable Cassette game covers?

Atic Atac

A walk-through of Ultimate's Atic Atac


the original inspiration. Played this extensively on an Acorn Electron, and later on my Atari St.

A box of dreams

A classic and great forerunner in open ended gameplay. But also totally disorienting. Absolute classic and all time favourite game

A world of discovery awaits

A world of discovery awaits

Jet Pac

It's a cracker this week - Rob takes us down memory lane to the time when we played Jet Pac on our ZX Spectrum

be afraid...

I was never really a fan of creepy gory movies but if i had to watch one it would without a doubt be this one. The hunters become the hunted in a swift second.

ZX Spectrum tapes by Phil Gyford, via Flickr

This drawer of cassettes, mostly for loading slowly into a ZX Spectrum, has lain untouched for 25 years. (There's also a box full of cassettes in excessively large packaging.

An original ZX tape

An original ZX tape