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FRANCAIS /// La lumière est une source d'éclairage importante en architecture, permettant de donner vie, d'animer et de valoriser un espace. La favorisation de la lumière naturelle au dépit de l'artificielle est relative à l'intensité, la variabilité...

Scaling Architecture: Abstract Geometry Meets Everyday Life in the Photography of Serge Najjar

Louis Kahn (from "Licht und Raum- light and space", Urs Büttiker) The chronological listing of projects traces Kahn's development process in light control and modulation. Projects beginning with student work from 1924 and ending with the Berkeley library from 1971-1974 reveal an extraordinary broad spectrum of solutions for the design of light and space. Kahn's struggle to find the coherent answer for each architectural challenge remains the basic principle characterizing his complete work.