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Make it LEGENDARY and be AWESOME instead! The Bro Code and The Playbook narrated to you by BARNEY STINSON!

In 2003, Tata Consultancy Services set itself a mission: Top Ten by 2010 The TCS story is one of modern India's great success stories. In this fascinating book, S. Ramadorai, one of the country's most respected business leaders, recounts the steps to that extraordinary success. #Audiobook

The Art of War is one of the oldest and most Successful books on military strategy.It has had an immence influence on eastern military thinking, business tactics,and beyond.

#Reado wishes #AmishTripathi #Author of the #Bestselling 'The Shiva Trilogy'... A Very #HAPPYBIRTHDAY..! Grab your #audiobook at exclusive 40% discount!

“In the new era, where every person's actions have the potential to have a global impact, we must redefine what it means to be a true Professional."

Whether he was introducing the latest iPad or delivering a keynote presentation, Steve Jobs electrified audiences with his incomparable style and showmanship. Know more-

Who says you can't make Rs 10 crore? And who says you need to be an expert to get there? By doing simple things right, in just 10 steps Rs 10 crore can be all yours and help you live a life you and others dream of. Know more-

Like: employees are not encouraged to ask questions, but to take orders; it is good to maintain a certain distance from your colleagues and your boss, lest your work gets affected; butter up your boss before the appraisal or be sly in getting a promotion. Know More-