How to Create the Perfect Pimms Cocktail

How to Create the Perfect Pimms Cocktail

A simple infographic on - How to Create the Perfect Pimm's Cocktail - so refreshing on a hot day.

Pimms No.1 Sangria Cocktail

Pimms Sangria Cocktail - Pimms is one of my all time favorite summer treats and this looks delightful!

Pimm's Cup - Drink Like You're at Wimbledon!

Pimm’s Cup is a light summery drink - Pimms, sparkling lemonade(or a dry ginger ale), muddy slices of cucumber and lemon, lots of ice. no strawberries, no.

Pimm's Cup

90+ Delicious Summer Picnic Recipes to Enjoy Outside

1 is a gin-based aperitif that was invented in the in England by oyster-bar owner James Pimm. Its secret formula is a refreshing combination of dry gin, fruit juices, and spices.Related: Pimm’s Cup

Recipe: Pimm's No.1 Cocktail Sangria

Recipe: Schaum Meringue Torte

Delicious Wimbledon-Inspired Cocktails to Enjoy All Summer Long: It’s true: The Brits have perfected summer sipping.

Spicy Winter Pimms Punch

Spicy Winter Pimm's Punch

You can make this punch without the brandy, but it does give a delicious kick (and it is Christmas!

Strawberry and Pimm’s Granita

Strawberry and Pimm's Granita

Strawberry and Pimm’s Granita - If you're a Britain lover like Regula Ysewijn, you will surely love this summery cocktail.