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Topics include: Why literacy is important, Oracy, How to teach reading, How to get students to value writing, and How written feedback and marking can support literacy. Published 2014.


Voices from inside and outside the profession are telling teachers and school leaders this is the way you should lead a school, how you should manage a class, how children should learn. Full of examples to prove this is the case and inspirations to try new things, 'There Is Another Way' is for educators. Published 2015.

Describes a range of different examples across many subjects to deliver ideas that can be translated to everyday teaching practices. Published 2015.

Describes 13 projects making schools happier and helping every child fit in. Published 2015.

Thought-provoking book that will enable professionals in counseling, teaching and youth work to support young people struggling with the question, "Am I normal?".

NLP - Neuro-Linguistic Programming. This book covers a wide range of practical applications of NLP to improve teachers' classroom delivery. Published 2010.

Practical resource - an array of discussion topics, observations worksheets, role plays and skills exercises. Published 2012.