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childhood nostalgia 0 After all this time.

Whistle Pops!!!

Sweet wrappers over the years - Page 25

Smarties in the old style tubes

I remember lipstick candy! Sometimes, we'd even pretend to put on the lipstick.


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Denise Welch, "Why did you lie to us"

Woman magazine has that splashed across it's front page and over two pages rips apart her story about her 'marriage'.

old Christmas selection boxes got one every year

xmas selection boxes!

How many of these brilliant chewing gums and bubble gums do you remember from your childhood? I loved chewing gum when I was younger! This brings back some fond memories for me.

retro sweets - 4 Stars & Up: Grocery & Gourmet Food

Golden Wonder Ringos

Huge range of Retro Sweets, American Candy and more plus our famous Sweet Boxes & Chocolate Bouquets.

80s Retro Sweets at simplyeighties.com

A look back at British retro sweets from the 70s and 80s in the UK. Purchase online and relive your childhood. How many do you remember?

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chapter XIII - iced treats

No trip down any culinary memory lane, would be complete without memories of ice cream, ice lollies, ice poles and any other form of icy cold cold treats. All those yummy, childhood ices, eaten during those endless summer holidays, when the days seemed to last forever, the sun always shone and we didn't have a care in the world. If you were lucky they came from the ice cream man. During those summer months the ice cream van would tour the streets, selling his wares. Enticing you with his van…

Bazooka Bubble Gum came with a comic inside. I always read mine-- it was half the fun. And Bazooka was REAL good gum for blowing bubbles which I also loved to do. And it was only a penny!


This fall the designers seem to be being inspired by L.L. Bean classic footwear. The Rubber Moccasin, the duck boot to most of us, the suede and rubber rain Wellies and Boaters are showing up as Fall 2010 must haves! So before you go spending $100's of dollars for the designer label click on the title and check out the original versions for a more economical and classic investment.

 My favourite sweets! Whatever happened to them? There used to be a mystery one in a plain wrapper with questions marks all over it!


Good old camp coffee. There was a stall at the Royal Welsh Show selling cold Camp Coffee. Those were the days!

camp coffee

Good Old Corona Pop delivered to the front door and you'd return the empties.

Corona fizzy pop and you got 10p if you took the empty bottle back to the shop!