For those looking to live in a locale with an endless summer, it doesn't come cheap. On average, renters in Orange County, Calif. pony up more than $1,650 a month for an average two-bedroom apartment, according to new data from and To cover housing costs alone, residents have to rake in about $32 an hour, no small feat in a wage-depressed economy.

The availability of smartphones has made getting by in the modern world easier. No more carrying around a camera in case of the perfect photo op,

Statistics show 20 -25% of the internet user base uses Yahoo! as their preferred search engine. It is important for you to optimize your site on these platforms as well.

Congratulations on taking the first step in learning how to become a pilot. Getting your pilots license will open a world of opportunity to you, whether your goal is weekend fun with family and friends in a fixed wing plane or helicopter, or carving out a career as a commercial airline pilot, charter pilot or commercial helicopter pilot. The sky is the limit.

Runaway rabbit who escaped from his hutch is rescued by firefighters after hopping up onto the ROOF of a three-floor block of flats

Bears skipping, lions walking on balls and monkeys riding a bike: Inside the park where animals train to ‘entertain’ the public

Hey everyone, meet Trisha, a lovely 20 year old whom I met through my website.

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