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I went to dinner with hades because it was in a prophesy. Weapon: Spear. Fatal flaw: loyalty. Godly parent: Demeter

I got in a fight with Thalia Grace because I was bribed. Weapon: Spear/Sword, Fatal flaw: loyalty/jealousy, Godly parent: Poseidon: Father of the Fishies

Demigod Brofist by on @deviantART

I don't know whether I'm laughing at the quote, the brofist, or the fact that Jason and Percy are wearing bedsheets. I love The Heroes of Olympus books! FAV LINE! My little bro and I quote it all the time ;


I have never seen the Eragon movie. I haven't seen the Avatar the Last Airbender movie either, but I heard it was really bad. The Percy Jackson movies were horrible. From what I heard I think ATLA movie takes the prize for the worst.