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two women in bed, one looking at her phone and the other texting that says air sun water moon
Sayings, Honest, Blame
the collage shows many different images and words
two pictures with the same caption and one has an image of a woman talking on her cell phone
a kid with his eyes closed and the caption reads, when your parents say they're all signs when someone invades their personal space for more than three seconds
some people are doing different things and one is holding a sign that says, how did you know i was an air sign?
two women standing next to each other and one holding a bottle with the caption, my aris self ready to throw hands at anyone who looks at me wrong way
two pictures with the same person sitting in a chair and one has his tongue out
two pictures one with a baby and the other with a woman holding a bottle in her mouth
a collage of photos with the caption i gemmi ii