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How to walk in high heels...practicing in higher-than-normal shoes before the wedding.

It's day 4 of Shoes Week and we are going to start learning to walk in higher-than-normal heels. We all want to look awesome in our wedding heels, yes?

PIP! Pretty in Pink! Love these heels! Pink Heels,  Go To to get more Gossip News!

Candy-Coated Footwear - Casadei Studded-Heel Platform Pump Shows Off Deliciously Sweet Studs (GALLERY). Hot Pink Suede and Glitter High Heel Shoes Girly Girl Fashion

FaShIoN Sparkly High Heels 6291 |2013 Fashion High Heels| aaah love these!

I LOVE these heels even though I would never wear them! They are perfect because blue is my favorite color and it's even better because they have glitter on them!