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Drew this up for Sagar today. He wants a Lord Shiva that will influence him to be Tranquil


Shiv and shakti


Goddess Kali

Kali's anger got out of hand more than once ... in one instance, Lord Shiva became a crying baby boy in an effort to pacify Her. Kali's nurturing side took over Her anger; it was another time that he had to lie down to soothe Her destructive path.

Finally, the comparatively recent devotional movement largely conceives of Kali as a straightforwardly benevolent mother-goddess. Kali is associated with many devis (goddesses) as well as the deva (god) Shiva.

♥ Om Tare Tuttare Ture Svaha ♥ Om = essence of enlightenment, manifest and incarnate. Tare = quickly with boldness. Tuttare = clearing away all fear, distress and suffering of all beings. Ture = complete victory of truth over all negativity. Svaha = all accomplishments (amen).