how to butterfly cake... WOW

Addie is having a butterfly birthday. this will be perfect! How To Make A Butterfly sweet goddaughter decided she was a cake with a cross that says "God Bless Addie" .

Looks like a nice simple, sane chocolate cake recipe at last!

Smartie Birthday Cake

This simple birthday cake is easy to make and the fab decorations hide the cake making it really forgiving, but it looks so impressive. It is a beautiful colourful birthday cake made with smarties and chocolate fingers

Victoria sponge wedding cake

Naked Cake: o "bolo pelado" que conquistou as noivinhas!

Victoria sponge wedding cake with beautiful rose trimmings, perfect for a summer wedding- would love this as a birthday cake.

Clothes Peg Lolly Bag butterfly lolly bag children | kids | party ideas | family | fun

DIY Butterfly Party Favor ~ Made with painted clothes pin, googly eyes, pipe cleaner & a sandwich bag filled with treats. Party favors for Brooke's birthday?

The 11 Best Mickey Mouse Birthday Party Ideas

The 11 Best Mickey Mouse Birthday Party Ideas

Here are The 11 Best Mickey Mouse Birthday Party Ideas we could find with simple DIY elements that make the party extra special!