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Tivoli Storage Manager 7.1.3

Tivoli Storage Manager (IBM Spectrum Protect extends its scalability, efficiency , flexibility and also allows administrators to backup data to cloud storagepools.

backup vm

To protect your VMWare infrastructure, you can either take manual backups through BA Client GUI or command line or define a backup schedule through Data Protection for VMware Vsphere GUI.

selecting type of TSM VE installation

How to install Tivoli Storage Manager for Virtual Environment (TSM VE) ?

TSM for VE backup strategies

TSM for VE offers two types of backup strategies, Incremental forever & Periodic Full backup strategy.

TSM for VE components

Tivoli Storage Manager for Virtual Environments (TSM VE) Introduction - Components and Features

TSM client schedules configuration

You can configure automatic client tasks such as backup, archive, restore etc on the client machines by using TSM Client Schedule features.

restoring storage pool

How to restore damaged client backup files and storage pool volumes ?

Protecting TIvoli Storage Manager Database

You should periodically backup the Tivoli Storage Manager database so that you can you restore the TSM server if there is any disaster in the future.

volhist.out devconfig.out

To recover or restore any Tivoli Storage Manager you need to have few important server configuration files from the previous setup. All these files are located in the default server installation folder.

Simultaneously writing data

We can simultaneously write data to multiple storage pools at the same time when the client backup is running. You should have enough tape drive resources and memory resources to handle the pressure on the TSM server.

Additional Backup types

Apart from the regular backup methods using TSM BA Client and TDP Client backups, there are few other backup types available.

Archive and Restore

IBM Tivoli Storage Manager (TSM) Backup and Archive Functions and Features

Backup and Restore Overview

TSM Client backups generally are scheduled events. There are 3 different ways to take the backup of client files.

Backup through SAN in TSM

How to Install and Configure TSM LANFree Backup by using Storage Agent - Part 1

TSM Error log and Schedule Log files

You have to provide space for error log and schedule log for each BA client and any TDP clients separately.