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a woman holding up a large red rug with an image of a flower on it
Hanna Eidson's hand-hooked rugs and wall hangings of cheeky candy, cocktails and citrus fruit
a woman holding a yellow and white bag with an orange flower on it's side
Knitey Knitey
a white bear holding a heart shaped mirror
Let’s make a watermelon rug purse! 🍉• DIY • handmade bag • artist • sewing
a mirror with flowers painted on it in the shape of a flower field and clouds
Mirror rug
a rug with an image of a yellow cat on it and two black toys next to it
Help me choose a chain for my strawberry rug purse!!! Gold or pink? 🍓 @happy.rugs • tufting • DIY
a hand holding a yellow and red knitted rubber duck
Duck Coaster
a dog made out of grass sitting on top of a white blanket with green leaves
Boutique en ligne créations pièces uniques, kits et ateliers
a pillow with a bat design on it
Things to Punch Needle
a white bunny pillow sitting on top of a chair next to a vase with flowers
35 Beautiful Easter Decorations That Will Transform Your Home
four brown bears sitting on their hind legs